Friday, January 19, 2018

Quick Tip: “Section” or “§” in text?

Spell out the word “section” when referring to a state statutory section in a textual sentence (rather than in a citation sentence). Bluebook Rule 6.2(c). 

  • Section 39:5-12 “empowers the court to suspend a defendant’s license.”

Use a “§” symbol when referring to a provision of the United States Code, unless the symbol would begin the sentence. Bluebook Rule 12.10(c).

  • Under § 1983, racial slurs shouted by a person in a position of authority may entitle a victim to recover damages.
  • Section 1983 contemplates that a victim may recover damages following such an instance of verbal abuse.


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  • Maria

    Is section capitalized if it is in the middle of a sentence?

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