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I. Primary Sources

Persuasive Authority created documents:

A. Student Publishing Information

These spreadsheets contain valuable information for any student seeking to publish in an outside journal.  They are broken down by the 2012 Washington and Lee University School of Law Journal Rankings for U.S. journals and provide information on whether each journal accepts outside student pieces and acceptable submission methods.

The information was compiled from each journal’s website, ExpressO, SSRN, and Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication, a great (but slightly out of date) working paper by Nancy Levit, Lawrence Duncan MacLachlan, and Allen Rostron.

More spreadsheets will be added and the current files will be updated regularly. They are provided as Microsoft Excel files to allow for easy modification and customization.


Student Submissions Top 100 Law Journals.xlsx

Student Submissions Top 101-200 Law Journals.xlsx

II. Secondary Sources

Here are a few useful links for legal writers and law students:

A. Writing

BriefRight: Editing and Drafting legal Briefs the Right Way
This a great blog on legal writing by Kirby Griffis of Hollingsworth LLP in DC.

LawProse Blog
Blog on usage, style, and legal writing by Bryan Garner, editor-in-chief of Black’s Law Dictionary. Blog by Wayne Schiess
Insightful blog written by the director of the legal-writing program at the University of Texas School of Law.

B. Citation

Peter W. Martin, Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2012).
This free CALI eLangdell eBook covers the basics of legal citation in both ALWD and Bluebook formats.  It is a great reference for new legal writers.

Frequently-Cited Treaties & Other International Instruments
From University of Minnesota Law’s library, this site provides the full names and citations of nearly every international instrument   This is extremely helpful for anyone writing about international law.

Kluznick Law Library: Legal Abbreviations
Great quick-look resource for all common legal abbreviations. The federal courts page is particularly helpful.

C. Research / Study

The eLangdell Bookstore
The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction’s (CALI) eLangdell Press publishes free, open eBooks for legal education. This is a great money-saving resource if you need a copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence or Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for class. They also publish many other helpul supplements and offer print copies of several titles at cost.

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CLii) English Reports
This great database contains the English Reports from 1220 to 1873 and can be very helpful for finding early common-law precedent.

D. Miscellaneous

The Shriver Center’s Federal Practice Manual for Legal Aid Attorneys

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